Baumwelten – Design for kids

The project Baumwelten aims to create a pleasant ambiance for learning and teaching. The different areas fulfill the differing requirements of the different learning channels (auditive, visual, tactile, communicative) and create ideal learning conditions. These assumptions are embedded in a visual concept, inspired by the children’s experiences. The tree, a familiar theme, is natural, simple and pure in its structure, but offers countless possibilities to be acquired. Furthermore, a signature feature of this particular school is the schoolyard with its big old chestnuts.

Baumwelten | Logo of the »Grundschule im Wallgut«

Iterative design process of the treetop window filter.
Iterative design process of the treetop window filter.

The Process

The task was to redesign the interior of an elementary school. At first we used different methods from design research, like ethnographic observation, qualitative interviewing etc. We gained insight in the needs of the students and of the teachers. With this kind of information we were able to come with an appropriate concept that suits the needs of both, the children and the adults.

Baumwelten layers

Baumwelten | Metapher of a school in a tree
The metaphor: school in a tree
Baumwelten | Different learning areas in the hallways
The layout of the various learning areas


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