BIOMOTIONS is a 15 minute audio visual experience based on a 36 channel sound composition and its visual interpretation. The show was produced and performed live by three DJs and two visual artists to show the artistic and performative potential of wavefield synthesis. Up to eight elements of each song were positioned live in space – through a Lemur touch application and a Wii controller, respectively. The visuals were projected onto three screens. Together with the DJ-console they provided the 360° stage for the show. The clips created an atmosphere which evokes associations with biology, chemistry and technology. On top of this base layer, HUD-like elements visualize the live data that was being processed: Pushed buttons, rotating knobs, volume levels and so forth. BIOMOTIONS transformed the auditive experience of the DJs performance into a responsive visual presentation, so that the audience can hear and see the music.

A 360° Audio Visual Experience

BIOMOTIONS was performed on October 19th, 2012 at »Zapata« in Stuttgart, Germany, during the »stuttgartnacht 2012« (

Audio composition, production & performance

— Andy Hoppe (
— Andi Mühlschlegel (
— Mikhail Romanov

Visual concept, production & performance

— Jonathan Regler (
— tschoepler (

Part of the technical setup.Both sounds and visuals were produced exclusively for the show. The project was realized in collaboration with Iosono ( and Zapata.

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  1. Matias

    Im from Spain…Very good job … […].
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