OHM2Resolume 0.93.2 released

GUI OHM2Resolume 0.93.1
GUI of OHM2Resolume 0.93.2 for MAX 7

I just released OHM2Resolume 0.93.2 for connecting Livid’s Ohm64 MIDI controller to Resolume Avenue/Arena. If you look carefully: I added the ohmrgb_colors.js from Livid Instruments. Now, this doesn’t mean the patch is tested on the OhmRGB, but I am planning to work on it during the holidays. Don’t forget to check out the changelog for all the changes, additions and bug fixes.


v. 0.93.2
  • Updated: li.UI.js, li.getsetup.js, findLivid.js
  • Added: ohmrgb_colors.js
  • Fixed: Selecting a comp from the dropdown menu would crash MAX or not load the comp
  • Fixed: Set dropdown composition menu when opening a file via “read” button
  • New: Pressing “Clear layer” in Resolume now stops button-blinking
  • Fixed: some clips are not highlighted on OHM64 (buttons don’t light up but blink when triggered)
  • Fixed: “OTUDP: Failed to process entire packet (200 of 204)” when OSC packages is activated
  • Fixed: “#N: extra arguments for message ‘s’”
  • Fixed: Sequencer starts to run when Arena is loaded > Bug in Resolume Arena which triggers “pause” twice when loaded
  • Fixed: “Stack Overflow” on big compositions

Download OHM2Resolume 0.93.2

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Firefox dialog throwing “SEC ERROR UNKNOWN ISSUER” when Chrome isn’t

If you ever run into the error “SEC ERROR UNKNOWN ISSUER” in combination with Firefox, Plesk and a proper (not self signed) SSL certificate just follow these steps.In this case I was using a free certificate from Start Com.

  • for StartSSL certificates use the files from folder “ApacheServer” once you unpacked your
    • for other SSL authorities you usually can download the CA certificate somewhere on their website
  • Login to Plesk, choose the domain you want to secure, choose “secure Website” and open the certificate causing the error
  • Scroll down to “upload certificate file” and add these two files from the zip
    • 2_**.crt is your certificate
    • 1_root_bundle.crt is the CA certificate
upload certificate dialog
Upload certificate dialog
  • After you uploaded the certificate, Plesk will take you back to the certificate overview. And it will throw a warning message at you. But this can be safely ignored. I won’t go into detail here. You can find information on this on the web.
Plesk warning
This warning message can be ignored


So what is causing “SEC ERROR UNKNOWN ISSUER” in Firefox? You most probably forgot to upload the root (CA) certificate. In Plesk this is not obligatory. Thus your site might function properly in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer, because they use the operating system‘s certificate vault. But Firefox uses its own vault. Which is a more secure way of dealing with plugins, but also leads to this error if the server doesn’t supply the CA certificate.

InfiniteWP theme in black and white

InfiniteWP theme in black and white
Screenshot of InfiniteWP theme »tsp«.

Just startet this InfiniteWP theme as a monday evening project. I think the application is great but the many text-shadows, box-shadows and gradients give it a bit of a 90’s user experience. So I startet this black and white theme – which I do quite often with my self hosted applications lately – to fit well within my alter ego’s corporate design. It is still in the making so check back regularly or fork it on Github. I hope you like it. Any feedback is welcome. Have fun with it!

Edit: Unfortunately I must not share this theme as it violates InfiniteWP’s terms of use.

OHM2Resolume 0.93.1 released

GUI OHM2Resolume 0.93.1
GUI of OHM2Resolume 0.93.1 for MAX 7

I just released OHM2Resolume 0.93.1 for connecting Livid’s Ohm64 MIDI controller to Resolume Avenue/Arena. I also added some more information on how to get the patch working properly and updated the MIDI map. And don’t forget to check out the changelog for all the changes, additions and bug fixes.


v. 0.93.1
  • New: Added fine grained +/- BPM control on “10/Shift/Button5–8”
  • New: Last opened composition is selected in drop-down menu after startup
  • Fixed: A resync pauses blinking of the buttons
  • Fixed: Sometimes MIDI out needs to be set again after opening
  • OHM2Resolume to make the patch send MIDI/OSC
  • Fixed: OHM2Resolume resets BPM of Arena on startup. Should be the other way around.
  • Change: MAX 7.1 compatible
  • Change: Replaced a couple of 3rd party objects with objects that already ship with MAX/MSP
  • Change: Cleaned up the sequencer GUI a little
  • Change: BPM non editable from OHM2Resolume anymore. Everything is synced via OSC from Arena as master.

Download OHM2Resolume 0.93.1

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Biomotions – Quartz Composer patches

IOS qtz-patches title
Quartz Composer workspace

I finally had the time to put together some of the quartz composer patches, that we used in our project Biomotions. I will add some instructional information later on. But to get you started, real quick:

  1. Download the patches here
  2. Open OSC-Sender-6000- and OSC_LFO.qtz in Quartz Composer
  3. Load Biomotions-Quartz-Example.avc in Resolume Avenue/Arena
  4. Relocate the qtz patches, the movie clip and audio clip Solaris.wav (Resolume uses absolute paths exclusively)
  5. Trigger the first column and go through the qtz patches on layer QTZ (first from top)

Now, to show you up front how it should look, I have some clips that you can take a look at. Have fun and please report back with your ideas and experiences.


Biomotions qtz patches

Venetian Snares VJ-Mix

My first steps with overall renewed VJ software Resolume Avenue 3. I made heavy use of feedback layers (found in the source tab) which I adjusted in height thus creating little glitches up to heavy reactions of the clips.

Sound: Bebikukorica Nigiri & Miss Balaton by Venetian Snares

Another test on FFT-Analysis. Triggered via MAX/MSP step sequencer by gpvillamil. I only triggered the clouds from half of the clip onwards. The VJ software used is Resolume Avenue.


  • Layer 3: 2 Clips (Clouds)
  • Layer 2: 1 Clip (Red)
  • Layer 1: 4 Clips (triggered by MAX/MSP)

Sound: Második Galamb by Venetian Snares

Time spent on the internet

Time spent on the internet
7 day activity in Mozilla Firefox

This is a map I did back in 2010, reflecting seven days of my internet activity. More precisely it is the activity of my internet browser. A plug-in was tracking different parameters. Those were the uptime of the browser, the browser usage (time the browser windows was actually in focus), time spent on each individual page (the circles), the time of day and the weekday of each visit, the total tabs that were created during the week and the average number of tabs open at the same time.


The legend can be read from right to left alongside the time of day to which it is in absolute relation (0–24 h). That means a one hour long line reflects one tab.