Biomotions – Quartz Composer patches

IOS qtz-patches title
Quartz Composer workspace

I finally had the time to put together some of the quartz composer patches, that we used in our project Biomotions. I will add some instructional information later on. But to get you started, real quick:

  1. Download the patches here
  2. Open OSC-Sender-6000- and OSC_LFO.qtz in Quartz Composer
  3. Load Biomotions-Quartz-Example.avc in Resolume Avenue/Arena
  4. Relocate the qtz patches, the movie clip and audio clip Solaris.wav (Resolume uses absolute paths exclusively)
  5. Trigger the first column and go through the qtz patches on layer QTZ (first from top)

Now, to show you up front how it should look, I have some clips that you can take a look at. Have fun and please report back with your ideas and experiences.


Biomotions qtz patches

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