Venetian Snares VJ-Mix

My first steps with overall renewed VJ software Resolume Avenue 3. I made heavy use of feedback layers (found in the source tab) which I adjusted in height thus creating little glitches up to heavy reactions of the clips.

Sound: Bebikukorica Nigiri & Miss Balaton by Venetian Snares

Another test on FFT-Analysis. Triggered via MAX/MSP step sequencer by gpvillamil. I only triggered the clouds from half of the clip onwards. The VJ software used is Resolume Avenue.


  • Layer 3: 2 Clips (Clouds)
  • Layer 2: 1 Clip (Red)
  • Layer 1: 4 Clips (triggered by MAX/MSP)

Sound: Második Galamb by Venetian Snares

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