OHM2Resolume 0.93.2 released

GUI OHM2Resolume 0.93.1
GUI of OHM2Resolume 0.93.2 for MAX 7

I just released OHM2Resolume 0.93.2 for connecting Livid’s Ohm64 MIDI controller to Resolume Avenue/Arena. If you look carefully: I added the ohmrgb_colors.js from Livid Instruments. Now, this doesn’t mean the patch is tested on the OhmRGB, but I am planning to work on it during the holidays. Don’t forget to check out the changelog for all the changes, additions and bug fixes.


v. 0.93.2
  • Updated: li.UI.js, li.getsetup.js, findLivid.js
  • Added: ohmrgb_colors.js
  • Fixed: Selecting a comp from the dropdown menu would crash MAX or not load the comp
  • Fixed: Set dropdown composition menu when opening a file via “read” button
  • New: Pressing “Clear layer” in Resolume now stops button-blinking
  • Fixed: some clips are not highlighted on OHM64 (buttons don’t light up but blink when triggered)
  • Fixed: “OTUDP: Failed to process entire packet (200 of 204)” when OSC packages is activated
  • Fixed: “#N: extra arguments for message ‘s’”
  • Fixed: Sequencer starts to run when Arena is loaded > Bug in Resolume Arena which triggers “pause” twice when loaded
  • Fixed: “Stack Overflow” on big compositions

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